If The Beatles Were Beetles and Sang About Bugs

  1. Strawberry Fields Forever Swarming with Sowbugs
  2. A Day in the Life of a Mayfly Because That’s How Long It Will Live
  3. Yesterday It Was Just a Caterpillar
  4. Getting Better Since We Got Rid of the Termites
  5. Let It Be Anything But Bedbugs
  6. Help! It’s a Spider!
  7. Martha My Dear It’s Just an Ant
  8. With a Little Help from My Friends We Can Swat This Fly
  9. Ladybug Madonna
  10. A Taste of Honeybee
  11. Come Together to Catch Fireflies
  12. Hey Jude Look It’s a Praying Mantis
  13. Here Comes the Sun Out Comes the Crickets
  14. And Your Bird Can Sing Because It’s Happy It Ate a Worm
  15. Doctor Robert It Appears I’ve Got a Tick
  16. Fool on the Hill of Locusts He Should Really Get Down From There
  17. Nowhere Man When There Are Bees Around I’m Allergic
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